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Dog Christmas Presents for 2023 (Wonderful Ideas & Inspiration)

by Tudor Nikolas on Aug 10, 2023.

What's that? ... Have we started thinking about dog Christmas presents already?! Well, we're all excited about Christmas and it's definitely our favourite time of the year, so why not! You can buy Christmas gifts for dogs anytime through the year.

In fact, the earlier you start planning for it, the less you'll have to rush the few weeks or days prior! It goes without saying that the most organised people have their Christmas presents sorted months in advance.

Certain things like dog advent calendars or certain dog hampers may even sell out early. I'm sure you wouldn't want your pooch to feel left out if unable to join in with their own present unwrapping.

As your dog is part of the family, Christmas gifts for dogs specifically have become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of online shopping. We now have access to thousands of dog specific products and you can be very picky about the quality and brands you prefer.

Without further ado, here are some suggestions of dog presents to consider this Christmas:


Christmas Dog Toys

The Beco Pets Rough & Totty Sloth

 dog sloth toy

This is a top pick from us, with an overall 5/5 star rating from the reviews.

It comes in three colours, also an orangutan which is a bit larger or a smaller turtle.

The toy itself is eco-friendly as it's made from 75% recycled materials!

Beco have also done a great job at stitching it together with double and re-inforced stitching at the seams. This should help it last longer and prevent the filling from coming out.

What I also like about this toy is the rope bits at the end, which your dog can also use for playing. Generally, any rope or string is also good to help clean and strengthen their teeth, as they will keep chewing it.

It also seems a good puppy Christmas present as per this review:

Bought for our 14 month old pup who has hardly put it down. It it tough and resilient and he enjoys throwing it about and chewing on the ropes, well worth the cost keeps him entertained for hours

 You can buy it from JOHN LEWIS for £10.


Hemp Rope Jungle Ring

hemp ring dog toy

We love these tough hemp rope dog toys that's made from hemp and recycled cotton.

It's a strong toy to play with and the fibres from the hemp will actually clean your dog's teeth. And we all know how important good oral health is for dogs, to prevent problems down the line.

You can buy it from JOHN LEWIS for £9.


Grooming Products as Dog Christmas Presents

Ouai Dog Shampoo

ouai dog shampoo

For a luxurious dog shampoo, Ouai Fur Bebe is a great option. It's not just suitable for dogs, but you can also use it for your cat.

It's formulated to clean the fur without drying or irritating the delicate skin underneath. Some of the ingredients worth mentioning include aloe vera, antioxidants and hydrolyzed vegetable protein which help improve the strength of the fur and adds volume.

It's also formulated without any nasties such as SLS, parabens and phthalates, and it's cruelty free.

At about £28 for 500ml, it's certainly on the luxury spectrum, but your pet will appreciate it and if you can afford it, it's worth every penny.

Your pooch will also have a lasting fragrance of a mix of lemon, iris, white musk, lily, jasmine and rose, the brand's signature mix. Your Christmas guests will also certainly love it!

You can buy it from CULT BEAUTY for £28.


Barbour Dog Cologne

barbour dog cologne

This soothing and refreshing dog cologne from Barbour could also make a prefect christmas gift for your dog.

It's going to satisfy both yourself, your pet and your guests.

It's totally pet safe and can be carried around with you as it's only a small 100ml bottle.

You can buy it from John Lewis for £14.95.


Dog Fashion & Apparel

Mungo & Maud Quilted Dog Coat

mungo and maud quilted dog coat

This is a classic from Mungo & Maud. It's one of the dog Christmas presents suggestions that's going to be very practical during the winter months. Also useful for the Boxing Day walk, whether it's raining or sunny, as it's bound to keep your dog warm and dry.

It comes in 8 different sizes, measured by length, so you can find one that will suit your dog perfectly.

You can buy it from Mungo & Maud for £119.50.


Tech Gadgets for Dogs

Smart Dog Collar


I have only just recently discovered this smart collar that actually works!

It's made by Invoxia and it's essentially a smart watch for your dog. Think of the Apple Watch, well this one has similar health tracking functionalities.. but of course, with adaptations.

It can track the dog's heart rate, activity and it's also a GPS tracker! Surprisingly, the battery can last several weeks, and it can be easily charged overnight.

The tracking and data transmission works through the principle of real time data transmission over the LTE-M network, which means that you need to buy a subscription plan from Invoxia in order to use all its features.

Here is a snapshot of the app which looks pretty cool.

smart dog collar app screenshot

You can buy this from the Invoxia website for $149.


Luxury Dog Christmas Presents

Lord Lou Raised Dog Bowls


These designer raised dog bowls look like a piece of furniture with the clean lines and solid oak top.

If you are looking for a new dog bowl, this could be a great option and it comes in different sizes, depending on the size of your dog. Raising the height of the bowl is most beneficial for larger dogs to prevent neck injuries.

You can buy it from Harrods for £175.


 Christian Louboutin Leather Dog Collar & Lead

christian louboutin dog collar

Perfect for Louboutin lovers! The french designer has created this for dogs with charming personalities and owners who care about their appearance.

The dog collar is made of soft calf leather and is finished with the designer's logo for recognition among the other fans!

It comes with a Christian Loboutin box and dust bag, and it's made in Italy.

It comes in a few different designs (you can search for them on Harrods) and also a matching leather lead.

loubutin leather lead

You can buy the collar from Harrods for £315 and the lead for £410.


How to pick the right dog presents?

When selecting dog Christmas presents it's essential to consider more than just the fun component and festive appeal.

The best presents are always the ones that are practical and can make a difference in improving the receiver's quality of life. Every dog has unique needs and preferences, just like we do!

Start by assessing your dog's size, age, and breed, as these factors can significantly influence the types of toys, treats, or apparel that will be most suitable.

A larger and more active dog might need a more durable toy, while a senior dog may appreciate softer, more comfortable bedding. This can help with their arthritis and achy joints.

If looking for essentials, always see what your dog actually needs first, before splurging on luxurious accessories. They might for example benefit the most from a new collar, new leash or some supplements such as probiotics to add to their food. This can subsequently benefit their health and digestion.

By tailoring the Christmas presents to your dog's specific characteristics and needs, you'll not only make their holiday special but also enrich their daily life!

Border collie dog surrounded by Christmas presents

The Importance of Safety

You may get super excited by the cutest or most novel presents, but it's always crucial to prioritise safety when choosing Christmas gifts for your dog.

How do I select safe toys?

Here are some tips:

  • Inspect for Small Parts: Just like with babies, toys with small or detachable parts can pose a choking hazard. Select items that are appropriately sized and securely constructed. There may not be as many regulations when making toys for dogs, so it's up to you to choose a well known brand that has toys of high quality.
  • Choose the Best Material: Opt for toys made from non-toxic materials. Look for labels that confirm the item is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Durability first! If your dog is a strong chewer, look for toys designed to withstand rigorous chewing without breaking into pieces.

What are some common hazards to look out for?

  • String, Ribbons, Tinsel: Festive decorations can be tempting for dogs but can cause intestinal blockages if ingested.
  • Batteries and Electronic Parts: Be cautious with toys that contain these components, as they can be harmful if chewed or swallowed. Batteries in particular can corrode inside the gut very quickly and may cause intestinal obstruction or perforation.
  • Inappropriate Food Gifts: Make sure that any presents your dog receives for Christmas align with your dog's specific dietary needs or restrictions. There is also going to be more food around the house at this time of the year, so make sure your dog doesn't eat any foods that are toxic to dogs!


We will occasionally add and remove ideas to this list of dog Christmas presents suggested by us. Unlike others, we don't use affiliate links or make any sort of commission from the items we recommend, so you know we are transparent.

If you have any suggestions for potential useful presents for others, please get in touch.

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