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Some improvement in anxiety after 3 weeks

It's been just over 3 weeks and have been adding this to my dachshund's food bowl daily. He seems to be less anxious around people now so seems to be working slightly.

a solid choice for organic dental care

A solid choice for organic dental care. The spirulina and chlorella seem to add a health boost, though the powder can be a bit clumpy so make sure you seal the container well after every use.

calming powder works wonders

Our German Shepherd used to tear up the house whenever we left him alone. Since starting him on this calming powder, he’s much more settled when we’re away.

friendly lab loves kids

We have a labrador who can get over enthusiastic when customers come through. We own a pub, and now he's much calmer around children especially.

great dental powder, happy boxer

I'm really pleased with this dental powder. It's made a noticeable difference in my Boxer's dental health and overall disposition.

works well on dachshund's teeth

Works quite well on my Dachshund’s teeth, though it took a few tries for him to get used to the taste.

excellent organic dental option

Excellent organic option for dental health. My dog's teeth are cleaner, and vet says his gums are healthier too.

amazing dental powder - fresh breath!

This dental powder is a lifesaver. My dog had really bad breath, and since using this, it's completely gone. Plus, his teeth look fantastic!

life-changing dental solution for our pug

A game changer for our pug with chronic dental issues. His breath has improved, and brushing his teeth has become much easier.

miracle powder for fresher breath

My French Bulldog has had issues with plaque and bad breath, but this powder has helped. Our vet noticed a difference as well, and it must be this because we haven't changed anything else.

fantastic dental health transformation

Fantastic results! My dog's dental health has never been better. He's more eager for his brushing sessions now that his gums don't hurt.

highly effective

Absolutely recommend this collagen for any dog owner. Our Poodle had some joint issues, and this supplement has made a world of difference.

improved dog digestion with time

Took a while to see results, but there’s been a definite improvement in our dog’s digestion. Just be patient and give it time to work.

The Best Dental Care Powder!

The best dental care powder we've tried! The organic ingredients like spirulina and chlorella definitely help as well with overall health. We take them as well separately in our smoothies

amazing collagen for shiny coat!

This collagen product is fantastic! My German Shepherd’s coat has never looked shinier, and she seems to be moving more smoothly during our walks.

amazing probiotic solved digestive issues

Our Spaniel had frequent digestive upsets and this probiotic sorted it right out. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

amazing dental powder for pets

This dental powder works wonders. My German Shepherd's gums look healthier, and his breath smells so much better. Highly recommend!

noticeable improvement in labrador's mobility

Definitely a noticeable improvement in my elderly Labrador's mobility since starting him on this collagen supplement. He seems more energetic and less stiff in the mornings.

our rottweiler is thriving

Our Rottweiler is much happier and and feels healthier now. Probably less gas and better digestion is what's helped

easy to use, great for teeth!

It's easy to use, and I've noticed my Spaniel's teeth are much less plaque-ridden since we started using it. The spirulina and chlorella are great bonuses for his health.

amazing dental powder for poodle

This organic dental powder is fantastic! It's made a noticeable difference in my Poodle’s dental health, and he loves the taste.

Effective supplement for elderly labrador

Quite effective! Noticed less bloating and more regular stools in my elderly Labrador. It's a bit pricey compared to some other brands, but the results make it worthwhile. Just wish the container was easier to use, the powder tends to clump.

life-changing probiotic powder

Our Labrador had chronic diarrhoea, and this probiotic powder has completely resolved it. It was all probably caused by chronic poor gut bacteria, so that's why a good probiotic has helped. Wish I had tried ones sooner.She's also much more lively and happy!

amazing fresh breath and clean teeth

Absolutely recommend this product. My Corgi has never had better breath, and his teeth are the cleanest they’ve ever been. It's reminded me of what they looked like when he was a puppy.

amazing natural dental care for dogs

Brilliant! Noticed a significant reduction in tartar and improved breath in my Boxer. Very impressed with the organic ingredients.