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The Dog Walking Bag: What Are My Options?

by Tudor Nikolas on Aug 20, 2023.

A dog walking bag is more of a necessity than luxury nowadays for dog owners. Just like baby bags popping around everywhere for new parents, dog walking bags are meant to hold all the necessities required when taking your pooch out on a walk.

These bags are all the rage these days, featuring a range of styles and functionalities. They essentially allow pet owners to combine fashion with practicality.

Let's take a look at the different options if you're in the market for a dog walking bag. I'll also tell you the pros, cons and tips on how to use one and what to pack in it!

Why Do I Need A Dog Walking Bag?

Dog walking bags serve purposes that go far beyond mere convenience. They enable dog owners to have immediate access to essential items. Some of these include:

  • leashes,
  • a dog water bottle,
  • treats & snacks,
  • first aid plasters,
  • dog toys and...
  • waste bags.

All within arm's reach! A good dog walking bag will also look stylish and have this practicality by making all these necessary items easily accessible.

Another advantage of having such a bag is that it's going to encourage you to walk more. You'll also notice more easily if you miss any of them.

You wouldn't want to leave the house without a dog waste bag, would you? Next, let's take a look at the types of dog walking bags you can buy, and the pros and cons of each type.


Types of Dog Walking Bags

Standard Dog Walking Bags

These small and compact bags are perfect for everyday walks. They can carry the bare essentials, providing convenience, ease of access and comfort without unnecessary bulk.

They are usually carried on the shoulder or tied around your waist. Tying the bag around your waist frees up your hands so you can look after your dog, or bend down if you need to scoop up the poop!

Some of them with longer adjustable straps can also be worn as cross-body.

Here is an option that you can even clip on to your belt (if you wear one!).

You can buy it from Amazon currently priced at £11.75.

It even comes with a cute little collapsible dog bowl and poop bag holder attached to the strap.

dog walking bag

Although this bag does not have huge capacity, it's just enough for some treats in the main pocket, and other accessories/ toys perhaps in the front pocket.

There's no space for a dog water bottle, but you can always use the collapsible dog bowl to pour water in from a drinking fountain.

With over 4,500 reviews it's probably a good bet for a sturdy standard bag for you to take on dog walks.

Cross-body Bags

These bags offer a stylish yet functional design. Worn across the body, they distribute weight evenly and offer easy access to all compartments, making multitasking simpler.

They can be either compact or larger, which lets you fit in a wide range of useful dog related items.

Our top pick for this category is the "pecute XL" bag. Similar to the standard bag, it's one size bigger which means it's enough to also fit a dog water bottle.

cross body dog walking bag

This one also comes with a collapsible dog bowl. This can double up as a drinking bowl for your pooch.

TIP: Take a standard water bottle that you use for yourself and place it in the water bottle holder. This way you can drink from it, and you can use the collapsible dog bowl to pour water for your pooch to drink at regular intervals.

The accessories this bag comes with also includes poop bags and a waste bag dispenser. You can clip this on to the bag itself or a strap.

You can then use the front compartment to store other accessories such as dog toys, a ball for fetching or a compact first aid kit.


Backpack Style Bags

These compact backpacks are deal for hiking or long journeys. They offer ample space to carry everything you might need.

They often include specialized compartments for food, water, and even first aid kits or extra clothing. This weekender bag is a great option; as you can see, you can fit a lot in!

backpack dog walking bag showing all the inside compartments


With the size of a full backpack, this dog walking bag is great either for multiple pets or if you are going away for several days.

It's probably a bit too much to take with you on short walks, but quite practical for longer walks, trips and hikes.

You can essentially use it as a grab bag that should contain all the necessary accessories for your dog. You just need to keep it well stocked at all times!

As you can see in the picture, it comes with a couple of collapsible dog bowls, a place mat, lined pet food and treats carrier and even a waste bag dispenser.

The larger inner compartment is large enough to fit blankets, towels, and even larger dog toys to entertain your dog while away.

With a bit of conditioning, a bag such as this could become your dog's new favorite object, as picking it up could mean a nice long walk or trek for them!

Dog Walking Bum Bag

A dog walking bum bag is a practical more compact option that also frees up your hands. Although you can clip the standard dog walking bag mentioned above around the waist too, a bum bag is specifically made for wearing it like this.

The reason I personally prefer bum bags is because you can even attach the lead to it. As long as you have trained your dog not to pull, by attaching the lead to it, you now have both your hands free.

This can be especially useful when jogging!

This bum bag for Stocky Dee is a great option, that is also made in the UK and quality built. Priced at £42 it's not cheap, but it's a hand made option that is going to last.

dog walking bum bag

The company also says that their bags are made to order and the cotton is sourced locally as well.

Although there is only one main slot inside, this is enough to fit poop bags, some dog treats, your phone keys and maybe some small accessories.

You can't fit in as much as the other options, but as I've already said, it's great if you want to free up both your hands and only going on a short city walk.


How to Pick the Right Bag for You

Picking the right dog walking bag for you is all about knowing your priorities.

Do you live in the city or the country? Do you go on short or longer walks? Do you have one small dog or two or more larger dogs?

The Bag Size

Think about the essentials you need and choose a bag that accommodates them without being overly large.

If you only have a small poodle and go on short walks for example, then the dog walking bum bag would probably be the best.

If you need a bag that is suitable for multiple large dogs then you will need something bigger to hold all their treats and maybe a couple of dog toys.


The Material

If you want something durable, then the material it's made of is very important. Opt for bags made of sturdy, water-resistant materials to withstand daily wear and tear.

The first three bags we mentioned above have specially lined compartments to hold treats. This is a must because if you get caught in the rain, you wouldn't want the dog treats getting wet. That could create a right mess!


The Compartments

Multiple compartments enable efficient organization, preventing the frustration of rummaging through a cluttered bag. It can be very useful to separate your dog treats from your poop bags or dog toys for example.

Ideally, get yourself a bag with at least two different compartments if you can.


The Style

The style of walking bag depends on what you are used to and what you find most comfortable.

Not everyone likes bum bags, but personally for me they are my favorite.

Bum bags for example are not as stylish to wear with a dress or skirt. They're more stylish to wear with long or short trousers.

There is always a dog walking bag to match every fashion sense so just select one that reflects your personal style.


The Price

Quality and budget are often correlated, but not always.

Our bum bag recommendation is quite pricey and is also high quality as it is home made. However, there are other dog walking bags available on the internet that just have a high mark up, without an equivalent level of quality. 

Always do your research before you press the buy button, and see if you can find the same equivalent style elsewhere but cheaper - it's likely that if the bag looks the same and only the log differs, both brands use the same manufacturer. In this case, buying the cheaper bag is going to be of the same quality as the more expensive bag if only the logo is different.


Additional Features and Accessories

The features a typical dog walking bag comes with can make or break its usefulness.

Some of these features include:

  • Built-in Waste Bag Dispensers: These promote good and responsible pet ownership by providing easy access to waste bags. No excuse for not having a poop bag when you need it most!
  • Water Bottle Holders: A designated place for water bottles ensures you and your pet stay hydrated.
  • Treat and Toy Compartments: Special pockets for treats and toys let you reward or entertain your dog effortlessly. Extra points if they are waterproof.
  • Reflective Materials: These enhance safety by increasing visibility during nighttime or early morning walks.
  • Belt Clip: This would allow you to easily clip the bag onto the belt instead of needing an extra strap.
  • Dog Lead Clip: To go fully hands free when walking your dog, some dog walking bags come with a specific carabiner clip where you can clip your dog lead.

What Should Be in a Dog Walking Bag?

Here is a table of all the items you might consider putting in your walking bag.

Ultimately, the content depend on the type and size of bag you go for, but these are some sensible suggestions in my opinion.


Item Purpose
Waste/ Poop Bags For responsible cleanup after your dog especially if you live in the city
Water Bottle +/- Portable Bowl To keep you and your dog hydrated during walks. If you go for a dog water bottle then you don't need a bowl, otherwise a bowl helps you share your water with your doggy.
Dog Treats & Toys For training, rewarding good behaviour, and entertainment.
Leash and Collar Extras Spare items in case the primary leash or collar breaks. This probably applies more if you're going to be away for longer periods.
First Aid Kit For handling minor injuries for you or your pet e.g. plasters, gauze, tape.
Identification & Emergency Information In case you and your dog become separated, for a quick reunion.
Weather-Related Items Sunscreen, insect repellent, an umbrella, or booties as needed for various weather conditions.
Personal Items Essential personal belongings like keys, phone, and wallet.
Optional Accessories Specialized items like grooming tools or medication, depending on your dog's individual needs


Eco Friendly Considerations

When selecting a dog walking bag, or any accessories really, you might consider the broader impact of your purchase. Eco-friendly options, made from recycled or sustainable materials, contribute to environmental conservation.

Similarly, ensuring that the product is crafted from animal-friendly materials can align with ethical consumer practices.


So that was our whirlwind but comprehensive tools of dog walking bags. As I tried to show you, they are a practical tool that has the ability to enhance your dog walking experience for both of you!

With various styles, features, and ethical considerations, there's going to be a perfect dog walking bag for you out there!

Our favorite ones are the dog walking bum bags as they are compact but also practical, but the perfect one for you will depend on your needs.

If you have any suggestions for our article, get in touch with us. Otherwise, happy also hear your feedback and good luck in your journey! 😃

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