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5 Reasons To Buy A Dog Advent Calendar

by Tudor Nikolas on Sep 27, 2023.

Although we're still only in autumn, we've already seen a few companies release their advent calendars. This applies to both human and dog advent calendars too! High street shops like Selfridges (pictured below), John Lewis and Liberty have already opened their Christmas shops in store.

santa in christmas shop in selfridges

Is it too early?

Well, early Christmas shopping beats the rush at the end. Plus it maximises the sales potential so it's good for the economy too we think!

Today is actually also the day that we've released our advent calendar. We already had over 150 people signed up for notifications. With a limited stock, we do expect to sell out, so place your order early if you like the look of it 😊.

Now back to the topic of the article. Let me try to convince you why your dog needs an advent calendar this year!

Enter the Dog Advent calendar...

dog advent calendar tray open

#1 Your chance to celebrate the joy of Christmas with your furry friend

I'm a strong believer of this principle in the quote below; to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. I do try to apply it throughout day to day life whenever possible.

enjoying journey quote

As Christmas gets nearer, once we hit December it's the chance for both you and your dogs to enjoy the path to Christmas together. The best way to do this?

With an advent calendar.

If you'd get one for yourself or for your children, then why not get one for your dog?

An Advent calendar crafted specifically for dogs is a wonderful way to let your pup partake in the daily excitement leading up to Christmas.

Opening a new 'door' each morning can be another routine that your dog can look forward to.

Make sure you choose an advent calendar with plenty of delicious treats so your dog has something to look forward to!

#2 Discover new treats together

Most advent calendars will have a variety of treats. The best ones are those that don't have the same kind of treat behind every flap.

It's your dog's chance to branch out and try different ones.

Just make sure that the new treats are from a reputable company and adhere to your dog's dietary restrictions. All advent calendars should come with a list of ingredients and analytical constituents on the back.

You never know, by doing this you might just discover a new favorite treat for your dog.

You might just discover that your dog has a sweet tooth or a preference for peanut butter-flavored chews or that they can't get enough of turkey and cranberry!

A dog hamper basket is also a good option for trying out different treats. These also usually come with diverse flavors and biscuits from brands you may not bought from before.

#3 Strengthen your bond

The holiday season is one of the best time to connect with loved ones. Our dogs are no exception.  They're there for us through thick and thin, offering comfort, companionship, and unconditional love.

By helping them discover new treats and joining in this daily routine can make them feel even closer to us. It's all about the shared experience, the routine, and the time set aside each day to focus solely on your dog. Trust me, they will start to appreciate this more than you think!

Ultimately, these moments can help strength the bond between you and your doggy. This makes the holiday season even more memorable for both of you. You will already have made lots of new memories by the time Christmas comes!

#4 Promote good behavior

The holiday season can always bring stress to both dogs and even us humans. There's high expectations especially if the whole family comes around!

The noises, guests coming and going, new decorations around the house and a sense of unfamiliarity can be distressing for our furry friends. It's not uncommon  for dogs to become a little unsettled.

With all that, a tasty advent calendar can become a tool for positive reinforcement. You could for example use it tactically to encourage calm behaviour when others are around or even as an incentive in training.

#5 A unique gift idea

Every year, we rack our brains trying to come up with thoughtful gifts for friends and family. If you have friends or family who have a dog, then a dog advent calendar is a no brainer.

Think about it; even if they already bought one for their dog, there's always space for another daily treat!

Getting an early Christmas present for your friends with dogs can be a delightful surprise. Plus it's not just a gift for the dog, but it's a gift for the owner too!

I truly think that gifting a dog advent calendar shows that you recognise the dog as another family member. It's simply that gift that keeps on giving, offering daily treats and happy moments right up until Christmas Day

They may not even have thought of purchasing one themselves, so it can be a great conversation starter too!

So there you go, that concludes my list of five reasons to buy an advent calendar for your dog!

Safety points to note before buying a dog advent calendar

  1. Check the ingredients; Advent calendars most often contain dog treats including biscuits, doggy chocolate or cookies! Some of these may be homemade. Just as you would check the ingredients list before buying dog food or treats, it’s also good practice to check it in this case. Make sure there’s nothing that your pet is sensitive too. This is especially important if your dog has specific allergies or dietary needs!
  2. Avoid toxic items; Although doggy advent calendars should be safe for dogs, it’s best to also double check yourself. Avoid those if they contain raisins, human chocolate or other foods that dogs shouldn’t eat. Don’t try to adapt a human calendar for dogs because it’s unlikely to be suitable for them. Oh and this reminds me, don’t leave your own advent calendar within each reach of your dog! If they eat that chocolate it can be very dangerous for them.
  3. Monitor portions; This shouldn’t be a problem if your dog has a single advent calendar. The portions there are typically small. However, if your dog is one of the lucky ones to have multiple advent calendars, then you better keep track of the calories. If you are concerned about overfeeding, you can reduce the size of their main meals.
  4. Ensure sturdy packaging; Check that the advent calendar you are buying is strong enough and the treats won’t just start pouring out. If the cardboard gets torn apart easily, this can become a choking hazard.
  5. Check for small parts; Again, dog advent calendars should be safe for dogs. However, sone of them may still contain toxic items or small parts such as aluminium foil or bits of plastic.
  6. Watch for allergic reactions; As with any treat treat or food, allergic reactions could happen. This could be more likely if your dog is already sensitive to certain foods. However, you never know. The most serious types of reactions are true allergies, but they can also develop new food sensitivities or intolerances. These can manifest through itchy skin, upset tummy or runny tummy.

Here is a useful video of how to recognise whether your dog might have an allergic reaction to the food you are giving him:



Ready to take the plunge yet?

Keep an eye out on our upcoming post on our top five recommended dog advent calendars that you can buy right now.

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