Paws For Success ( Acquired by Fetched

by Tudor Nikolas on Aug 21, 2023.

We are happy to announce that us at Fetched have acquired Paws for Success today!
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Paws for Success was a dog training company offering positive dog training across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.
They also offered  dog walking and pet feeding services, as well as a large variety of workshops and classes.
One of the services offered was pet sitting and they had reviews such as this one:
“As an ex-racing Greyhound, Luna’s a sensitive little soul and as Lucy has been my saviour. As soon as Luna met her, it was clear she was very happy and trusting of Lucy, which doesn’t come easy to Luna, but I felt instantly sure that Lucy would take good care of her. I was absolutely right as my days at work are now relaxed knowing that Luna is being thoroughly spilt by her Auntie Lucy whilst I’m not there! Thanks Lucy, you’re a star!” ~ Clair Slingo

Paws For Success Events

One of their last events was the "Agility and Game Changers!" event. This was held at Herriard, near Basingstoke in Hampshire. It consisted of various dog games that was meant to increase your dog's confidence and discipline and to help you build a better relationship.

Paws For Success Dog Bite Scale

Take a look at the Paws For Success dog bite scale initially proposed by Dr Sophia Yin, that was initially posted on the pawsforsuccess website.
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